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Greyhound Whippet Solar Lights




Do you agree everything’s better with a sight hound on it?

Yeah, me, too! Which led to this idea to make solar powered garden lights “better”. Currently, there are two styles. One is clay that simulates stained glass. The other more like stone or perhaps wood. Both are lovingly made and happily sold at


sandstone-coasterThis sandstone coaster would make a loving gift, and is a beautiful way to remember a special hound angel in your life, here or on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. The image is made from a photo of an original clay sculpture by Greyhound Cleyhounds.



06192016paintingThis fawn hound is seeing a new star for the first time! It may be that of a new angel that has just crossed the Rainbow Bridge or the Christmas Star itself! This image is from an original painting.

Earlier this year I did a painting of a fawn greyhound seeing a new star in the night sky. It symbolized my greyhound seeing his fur sister who had passed, seeing her in the sky for the first time. Some people said they really liked it. I thought it would make a cute Christmas note card, so I made it available if anyone would like to purchase. I chose the note card style because it was less expensive. (I only make 20 cents off of each card to try to keep costs down for anyone who wants one.) If anyone wants it on a different style card, please message me. There is a 30% off sale now at this site.