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Greyhound Whippet Solar Lights




Do you agree everything’s better with a sight hound on it?

Yeah, me, too! Which led to this idea to make solar powered garden lights “better”. Currently, there are two styles. One is clay that simulates stained glass. The other more like stone or perhaps wood. Both are lovingly made and happily sold at


Senior Greyhounds

“The Best Kept Secret”

“Senior greyhounds are easy-going and enjoy curling up on a soft bed near you.  They have often been called “the best kept secret” in the greyhound adoption community. They fit right into the family as if they’ve been there for years. It is hard to believe how easily they acclimate to new surroundings and thrive. Senior greyhounds are friendly, intelligent, affectionate dogs.” (- courtesy Greyhound Pets of America, Senior Sanctuary of Florida)

This is true. I know first hand. I fostered a special needs Senior from Greyhound Pets of America Senior Sanctuary of Florida.

Vowing to not get “too attached” proved to be impossible. It was thought her seizures might be caused by a brain tumor. That her time might be short. Her seizures were controlled with medications and diet. I watched an introverted dog blossom before my eyes. The next two years were a special gift from her. When she passed at age 13 years, 6 months I realized my vow to not get “too attached” was in vain. It was a sad day. She crossed the bridge due to osteo sarcoma on September 29, 2015. I never regretted my time with her. I would do it all over again.


Beautiful Senior Greyhound Lady Bob (aka Voodoo Lady)


Lady Bob had given so much. As had the volunteers at Greyhound Pets of America, Senior Sanctuary. It seemed vital to do something to give back, in her memory, and to help other senior greyhounds. My offer to host a Face Book online auction was accepted. It was all made possible with donations from many supporters, such as “Dudley Doing Right” “Decker Dawg Designs”, “Gods Greyts”, “Ebeneezer and Henry”,  “Greyhound Cleyhounds”, “Three Dogs Designs”  and many generous individuals.


T-Shirt donated by Dudley Doing Right



DECKERDAWGCOLLARBeautiful Martingale Collar donation.



13047925_10154121266256796_6953625257675075320_oLady Bob angel sculpture provided by Greyhound Cleyhounds.



Collar and Leash set donated by




Extra strong and safe dog toys given by




Lovely gift for auction from


Greyhound Pets of America’s Senior Sanctuary of Florida is a foster-home based organization, dedicated to placing senior greyhounds into foster care and with new adoptive families. Unfortunately, there are many senior greyhounds retired from breeding,seniorgrey abandoned in shelters, or returned by their adopters to the adoption groups. Through no fault of their own it is sad that, at an elderly age when they should be relaxing and enjoying the golden years of their lives, they are bounced around or left to be forgotten. This is why the Senior Sanctuary of Florida was formed.

Greyhound Pets of America Senior Sanctuary of Florida is looking for people willing to open their homes and hearts to a senior greyhound over the age of seven. They have several adoption/foster opportunities tailored to the specific needs of each and every senior greyhound who enters our program.


The auction will soon be over. The need will not. There will be more senior greyhounds, through no fault of their own needing a place to spend their remaining years being loved and cared for.

If you think that might want to help by fostering, adopting or donating, please consider contacting  a senior greyhound adoption group near you.


If you need help finding a local senior greyhound group in your part of the world, please feel free to leave a comment. I will try my best to help you. The senior greyhounds are counting on us.


CALIFORNIA Adopt a senior greyhound | Bay Area Greyhound Adoption


OREGON, WASHINGTON, BRITISH COLUMBIA & NORTH IDAHO Adopt an ex-racer from Greyhound Pets, Inc. – Available Dog …


PENNSYLVANIA Senior Incentive – Keystone Greyhounds – adopting ex …







Clay Greyhound and Whippet Fairy Sculptures

SpriteGifHave you ever wondered why fairies always look somewhat human?

They are imaginary, right? They are shown in all sorts of outlandish outfits and their wing styles are sometimes down right gaudy. Yet for the most part they look like beautiful young female humans.

And I, for one, have a problem with that.

You see, in my world one of the most visually beautiful forms is that of a greyhound or whippet. They are the Barbie and Ken dolls of the dog world. Proportionately defying the odds, with their oh so long legs, thin waists, well-defined buttocks, gorgeous big eyes and silk fur. Chances are if you are reading this blog, you too think they are visually appealing.

Jesse – Ken doll of the dog world.

Imaginary beings should stimulate our imaginations. If there are fairies, sprites and pixie or two, why can’t they look like a greyhounds or a whippet?


Would you like to see more sight hound fairies, sprites, pixies, and maybe even a whelf (whippet elf) or two at Greyhound Cleyhounds? Or should those realms be left to the human form?

Here a couple that are “incubating” and should be ready for adoption soon.

Elusive New Smyrna Iggy Wood Fairy
Hound Fairies come in many shapes, sizes and colors.

If you would are interested in adopting a sight hound imaginary friend, check out:

The End.