06192016paintingThis fawn hound is seeing a new star for the first time! It may be that of a new angel that has just crossed the Rainbow Bridge or the Christmas Star itself! This image is from an original painting.

Earlier this year I did a painting of a fawn greyhound seeing a new star in the night sky. It symbolized my greyhound seeing his fur sister who had passed, seeing her in the sky for the first time. Some people said they really liked it. I thought it would make a cute Christmas note card, so I made it available if anyone would like to purchase. I chose the note card style because it was less expensive. (I only make 20 cents off of each card to try to keep costs down for anyone who wants one.) If anyone wants it on a different style card, please message me. There is a 30% off sale now at this site.


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Shimmery, Blue & Greyhound, too!

Do you ever wake up in the morning and have a new idea in mind you are just itching to try out? This morning was just perfect weather for your typical Saturday outdoor activities. All that had to wait. I was on a quest to make a “Blue Brindle” greyhound sculpture. By blue, I had in mind a shimmery, opal kind of blue. Now how am I going to do that with polymer clay?

Thoughts seem to flow more clearly after a hot cup of coffee, and sure enough the fingers warmed up. I was excitedly grabbing a little bit of silver, and a little bit of black clay and oh a touch of this, and a pinch of that. I wanted some nice white contrast, but does God ever actually make blue brindle greyhounds with  white accents? This was supposed to be a more realistic cleyhound than some of my eyeless, other worldly wonders. I googled blue brindle photos and lo, and behold there was one with just the markings I had in mind!


“…does God ever actually make blue brindle greyhounds with white accents?”

This is my version in the raw and ready to “fire”.



Several hours later, voila, a new shimmery blue Greyhound Cleyhound has come into the world and is ready for adoption at my Etsy shop,