Shimmery, Blue & Greyhound, too!

Do you ever wake up in the morning and have a new idea in mind you are just itching to try out? This morning was just perfect weather for your typical Saturday outdoor activities. All that had to wait. I was on a quest to make a “Blue Brindle” greyhound sculpture. By blue, I had in mind a shimmery, opal kind of blue. Now how am I going to do that with polymer clay?

Thoughts seem to flow more clearly after a hot cup of coffee, and sure enough the fingers warmed up. I was excitedly grabbing a little bit of silver, and a little bit of black clay and oh a touch of this, and a pinch of that. I wanted some nice white contrast, but does God ever actually make blue brindle greyhounds with  white accents? This was supposed to be a more realistic cleyhound than some of my eyeless, other worldly wonders. I googled blue brindle photos and lo, and behold there was one with just the markings I had in mind!


“…does God ever actually make blue brindle greyhounds with white accents?”

This is my version in the raw and ready to “fire”.



Several hours later, voila, a new shimmery blue Greyhound Cleyhound has come into the world and is ready for adoption at my Etsy shop,


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